Will John win his case?

  1. Robert wanted to sell his house.
  2. He advertised in all the newspapers.
  3. John wanted to buy the house.
  4. Robert wanted cash down.
  5. John said he did not have that much money with him.
  6. But both finally agreedĀ  for an advance.
  7. John gave RS .10000/- as token advance and promised to to settle the balance within 10 days.
  8. On the 5th Day one Jacob came and offered to buy the house with the full money Rs.300000-and Robert sold the house.
  9. John,on the 10th day came with the balance amount Rs.290000/-
  10. RobertĀ  gave john Rs .10000/- back and told him the house was already sold.
  11. What is the position of John?
  12. If he files a suit ,will he win the case?

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