u be the Judge

  1.  A and B are neighbors.
  2. A has a cock.
  3. If it goes and lays an egg in B’s house, to whom does the egg belong?
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  5. Mrs.A has a pet dog.
  6. One day the dog is missing.
  7. She waited for 5 days for the dog to come back.
  8. Then she advertised in the local newspaper in the Lost and found column
  9. .She offered  50 dollars for the finder of the dog.
  10. One Roger found the dog and brought it  to her
  11. .She was happy and thanked him.
  12. Then Roger saw the advt. in the paper
  13. . He went back and asked her the 50 dollars
  14. . She refused to give him.
  15. Is she right in doing so?

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